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NEW Carbo eJector Carbonate Removal System

NEW Carbo eJector™ Carbonate Removal System

Innovative NEW System for Carbonate Removal from Plating Baths!


  • Continuous flow-through design with high rate of carbonate removal. Design flow of 1+ Gal/Mm.
  • The simplicity of the machine and the proven output record of high carbonate removal are this unit’s primary strengths.
  • The actual volume of plating bath that this unit treats per hour (per shift) — versus bath treatment mode of other machines — cannot be matched.
  • Competitors’ machines are simply way too small and/or the treatment cycle takes too long to be able to successfully service a decent volume of any given plating bath.  With the Carbo eJector™, there’s no more small-batch treatments with long processing time.
  • Efficient, high BTU output refrigeration with screw-type compressor.
  • Option of liquid or air-cooled condenser unit. Precisely controlled.
  • Treatment temperature with wider range of low temperatures, if required.
  • Low volume of plating bath contained in the unit.
  • Easy access to spare parts.
  • Made in the USA!

The long-term benefits will far outweigh the up-front expense of the Carbo eJector™. You will see improvement in the quality and speed of plating with the controlled level of carbonate in the plating bath.

In the old days, pumping out a Cyanide Plating tank for the purpose of Carbonate freeze-out was commonplace; at least partially because most platers had Cu or Zn CN plating solutions. Today, on the other hand, many platers have migrated to newer, less dangerous and more efficient technologies such as Alkaline Zinc.  Therefore, there is a new level of scrutiny with such a task. Questions such as where do we pump the solution? What containers or tanks should we use to contain it? What do we do if the tank leaks or a hose from the pump lets loose? How do we make sure the personnel are trained to do such a task?  How long will this process take (since this typically cannot be done during the week)?   All these things add up to time, labor and potential hazards. The Carbo eJector™ puts the operator back in control with a much easier and efficient system.

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Update 10/4/17: We have now developed a second generation Carbo eJector designated as the Model 2032.  This is an updated version of the original, Model 3036, however, with a slightly smaller footprint.  The performance will be somewhat less in terms output, however, suitable for plating baths under 10,000 gallons. The operating characteristics are the same, but there are improvements in the design which have simplified and improved the efficiency of the system.  This newer design has also benefitted us with a lower cost as a consequence of improved efficiency.

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