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Jessup Auto Zinc-Nickel 48″ Barrel Line

Jessup Auto Zinc-Nickel 48″ Barrel Line, Complete


  • Refurbished by Universal Automation Systems, Inc., including new hoist.
  • Fourteen (14) total tanks which comprise thirty (30) stations including all associated tank-mounted hardware (saddles, motors, steam coils, anodes etc.).  Plating tank is fourteen (14) cells/stations.  Owner reports that the two acid tanks are in rough shape and should be replaced.
  • Eighteen (18) 18″ X 48″ barrel assemblies (3/32″ perfs) with two (2) auto hoist pickups each.
  • Floor-mounted dual lane superstructure to include all columns, headers, hoist tracks, cross bracing and associated mechanical supports, platforms and stairs.
  • Two (2) Jessup hoists including all control panels (IBT), wiring, festoon cables and wiring/cable trey systems / support structures.
  • Full-length fiberglass catwalk.
  • One (1) Dry load shuttle.
  • Three (3) Aldonex rectifiers, AC input 480V/3PH, air-cooled:  Two (2) 5,000 amp 0-14V and One (1) 5,000 amp 0-18V.
  • One (1) Mefiag zinc filter.
  • One (1) Load system including mass bin loader/shaker with load cells etc.  Includes catwalk system/platforms.
  • One (1) Dryer area complete with two (2) 30″ spin dryers plus baskets.
  • Eighty Five (85) titanium anode baskets: 2.5” x 6” x 24” high with micromesh front and back panels.


Owner reports the line was run as alkaline zinc-nickel until the last three months when the line was run as zinc only.  Purchase includes buss bar to seven (7) stations.

Additional photos, motion diagram and drawings available upon request.

Location: IL

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